What To Wear To The Office When It’s Freaking Hot

Posted by June 16, 2017 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE
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Most working women know the problem, or at least the ones that are in a staid office job: It’s summer, it’s hot and there are these annoying dress regulations that won’t allow you to wear your rip-offs to work. Of course, you didn’t seriously consider going to the office in your festival uniform but sometimes it would just be so much easier (and less hot) if we could sit at our desks with that mini dress that is so light and airy but maybe a teeny tiny weeny bit too short. Dress codes can be tedious, especially in summer. The question of what to wear to the office is even harder than usually because finding an outfit that is summery AND office appropriate is not easy. Most of the clothes that you would normally wear on a working day are not what you’d think is light or hot-weather suitable at all. But also, sweat stains are not very charming when you want to convince with your presentation at a meeting… 

We want to help you with your maybe existing what-to-wear-to-the-office-when-it’s-super-hot-problem and give you some outfit inspiration therefor. The pieces our Editor picked for you are elegant, chic and totally fitting for going to work. At the same time they provide you with enough freedom to enjoy the summer temperatures instead of suffering from them. 

Wide-Legged Trousers

Even long trousers can provide you with legroom as much as shorts do. Wide-legged pants feel like no-leg pants. 


Midi Skirt

Mini Skirts are a no-go in the office but there is nothing to day against midi length. Also, they are super trendy this season and very office-style in this years’ colors and patterns. 


Flared (Sleeves) Shirt

What applies to pants is also true for blouses: Everything that is not close-fitting on the body (and preferably in a light material as linen) is perfect for summer, even with long sleeves. 


Belted Wrap Dress

Summer dresses usually look either very casual, very elegant or very girly. A belt always keeps the integrity of an outfit. 


Images via Style Du Monde, WhoWhatWear and Pinterest