They Did It Again – Vans Teamed Up With Marc Jacobs And Co.

Posted by June 19, 2017 - LIFESTYLE

Yes, they did it again. The classic urban slash skater brand Vans, asked the one and only Marc Jacobs to collaborate again and as expected, Marc didn’t let us down this time either. However, this collection was not only designed by Marc himself, but by a very cool and interesting mixed bunch of friends from different creative backgrounds such as; nail artists, models, writers and many other. Cool right? We know, but we wouldn’t have expected less from Jacobs to be fair. So on this sunny almost-summer Monday, what is a better plan than going through this crazy cool collection of Vans off the Walls before digging ourselves into boring paperwork. Yas!

Just before we introduce you this beautiful collection of nutty Vans off the Walls, let us tell you that unfortunately not all of them will be on sale, in fact only Marc Jacobs will actually be on sale in New York and Japan. So don’t fall in love with any of the other ones, since they are only available for brain inspiration. So if you are a Marc Jacobs fan, you better hurry up and go line up in the New York shop before they are all gone!

vanscollab_double vanscollab_double2 vanscollab_double3 vanscollab_double4 vanscollab_double5 vanscollab_double6 vanscollab_double7 vanscollab_double8

Pictures via Nylon Mag