Peachy Destinations And Matching Outfits

Posted by June 16, 2017 - LIFESTYLE, Trends

Five days’ guys, 120 hours and it will officially be summer. Our level of excitement is probably somewhere above mars right now. We had a tough winter here in Austria and summer is practically one of the best things that could actually happen to us right now. So before the summer begins and the holidays prizes rise up to be unpayable or crazy expensive, let us introduce you some of the summer destinations that we would totally consider for a short holiday around Europe and their matching outfits.



There is no place like Rome really, the mess, the traffic, the pizza the ice cream and to top it up, the Romanos shouting to each other, I mean I doesn’t it sound already amazing? A short trip to Roma sounds like the best idea for a short pre-summer trip to an urban destination.

Rome can get very hot in the month of June, but a lot of walking is usually required hence why we have prepared a very cool and walking-friendly look.


Splendid Tshirt  /  Givenchy Shorts  /  Salar Cross Bag  /  Agapi Sandals


España, siesta y fiesta. Why not? We could totally do these two for a short summer warm up trip. Barcelona has many direct connections to the rest of Europe and you can eat like a queen. Barcelona has the perfect mix between, city, art and beach life. We are already about a “Pan Tumaca” toast by the sunny small streets of the northern Spanish city. Here’s the look that would totally work for such a trip.


Tabtab Cotton Maxi Dress  /  Zara Hat  /  Gucci Leather Espadrille  /  APC Bag


We know for a fact that Zurich has some of the coolest night and young lifestyle during the summer around the European continent. The strategically built platforms on the river allow you to chill by the water and enjoy the company of all the people sitting next to you. Zurich is a totally worth-to-visit city in our lists and it is very central and easy to get to from everywhere in Europe. Here’s a potential look for you to take to Zurich.


Topshop Floral Top  /  Zara Denim Skirt  /  Jerome Dreyfuss  /  See By Chloe Sandals