The Only Bucket List You Should Be Considering This Summer

Posted by June 9, 2017 - Austria, LIFESTYLE

Summer is sticking out and it is time to get serious with our next bucket list. We believe good experiences should be captured the good old way, either with your photographic memory or with a cheap instant camera.

Remember, the summer is the time of the year you will be talking about for the rest of the year, so it is the perfect time to create memories and do all the stuff you have been postponing. So get your friends together on your backyard and write a bucket list together, while you play our Pre-Summer playlist. Here are our suggestions! 

#1 Floor is Lava

This is on of the games that has gone Viral lately and it is so much fun, that we just can’t cope. If you haven’t tried it yet, we really don’t know what you are waiting for.

Tip: Make sure your friends know about it, otherwise they will think you are going bananas!

#2 Rolling Down A Hill

This may sound very stupid, (and we are well aware of it) but is it so much fun that we just had to include it in our bucket list one more time. Of course we are not suggesting you to climb Mount Everest and rolling it down, but a little hill or sand dunes would do just fine to get the whole rolling-down-a-hill-experience done and over with.

Tip: Psst, psst, the Canary Islands are full of beautiful dunes, you don’t need to flight all the way over to Dubai. No excuse now! 

#3 Bring On The Night

Summer can offer the most beautiful night experiences EVER. If you have never tried it, we really don’t know what your most crazy experiences are all about. Go get yourself a cheap sleeping bag and spend a whole night on your closest beach, river side or lake. Enjoy the moonlight and the open window to the stars that night.

Tip: Bring your camera this time, you will regret not doing it!

#4 Cliff-Jumping

Yes, yes, yes to this! You might find it quite scary in the beginning, however you will forget everything once you are up there and there is no other choice.

Tip: just go for it, if you think about it too much, it will not happen! 

#5 Urban Detox

Go phone free, live on fruits and water for some days, enjoy the sun rays and get toasted (with protection of course, more info here).

Tip: This is by far our favourite point of our bucket list, just go for it!

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