Posted by October 30, 2015 - How to walk in these trends, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

We talked a lot about sneakers lately. For a good reason, as they are comfy, versatile and more trendy than ever. Yet, sometimes they are reproached for looking ‘immature’, childish and too sporty for an everyday style. With this 7 easy hints you can avoid being pilloried for that. 

1. Choose a narrow fit

Chunky models can make your feet look unaesthetic and bulky. Small shoes are flattering and more elegant. 


2. Favor the classics

The all-time favorites like Converse Chuck Taylors, Adidas Stan Smith and meanwhile also Nike Air Max are for shoes what a white Tee is for clothes: simply basics – at every age. 


3. Opt for decent colors

Multicolored sneakers are just for special occasions. For normal days neutral tones work better.


4. Avoid wild patterns 

Funny comic patters are for kids. A less playful option are cool graphic prints. Otherwise look at Nr. 7! 


5. Go for gold

…or some other kind of glance. Metallic sneakers are extraordinary and eye-catching and take away their gym look. 


6. Take care of your sneakers

Worn out, shabby shoes are great for festivals but not for adult woman street styles. Besides, if you take good care by cleaning and impregnating them, your sneakers will thank you with surviving for a long time.


7. Team your sneakers with ‘adult’ clothes

They upgrade the casual style of the footwear. 


P.S.: Don’t take this list to serious – despite Nr. 4 I will never give away my Mickey Mouse Vans ;) 

pictures via Stylight.de, WhoWhatWear.com, HarpersBazaar.com, PopSugar.com